The Unjust Justice System

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For those of you who are interested in Liberty/Freedom — something every individual should pay attention to if they value their own, their children’s, and their grand-children’s — this page was created to give you an honest look at the court system in Ontario, Canada — and I’m willing to bet that things aren’t much different in the courts of America, the rest of Canada and Europe or any other Common Law countries.

The court system is the key instrument our society uses to uphold justice through civil suits and even more importantly, the protection of our freedoms from a tyrannical government. And isn’t it freedom that the mainstream political pundits preach to us seemingly every day via mainstream media? And isn’t this the justification for sending troops overseas, to protect and preserve that self-same freedom? In my opinion, this should be the MAIN focal point. I can assure you, from my own personal experience, terrorists are not the ones who are the threat to taking your freedoms away… the real threat is within.

At this point I need to say, with the documentation that you will find on this website, I am exercising my Natural Rights (which are protected under sections 2(a)(b)(c)(d) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms) of free speech, conscience and the press. The artificial person known as the Crown Corporation has made claims against me [Yes, a corporation is defined in law dictionaries as a “person”… IBM, for example, “is” a person] and thus, an artificial person is making claims against a natural person exercising his natural rights at law, and I have recently used the courts to have the truth declared on the public record. The courts must adhere to the Law and due process of the Law because anything to the contrary and to display otherwise is a failure of duty — meaning: it’s unlawful and unjust. My liberties were UNDER ATTACK and everyone needs to see just how unjust these courts are from the perspective of an individual protecting his rights at law. I am giving my opinion and providing the evidence of public records for you, the public, to decide for yourself.

There are many stories of injustices committed by the people (civil servants) who are supposedly there to serve us, and as a concerned citizen who cherishes his right to travel “freely” within his own country, I have taken the path to do just that – exercise my unalienable right to use the public roads. With a 30 year record of doing so without bringing harm to any other man or woman — there is no lawful reason to deny me that right.

Now that I have taken the path of refusing to pay fees of any sort or submit by force to sign into a private vehicle insurance contract with a government forged and monopolized industry, I will show you that these oppressive measures of force and extortion have dictated the essence of what Canada has now become. Even though I have attempted to bring valid Common Law and case law arguments before the courts, the legal process has proven to be, simply put, a system of failure [and dare I say, possibly even corrupt] –and therefore unjust.

I am the commoner by the name of Shawn, with the family name of Cassista… and these are my experiences in the rooms of the courts of the jurisdiction known as Ontario in search of Natural Justice and Common Law — those long established laws that represent the supreme law of our society and “our heritage”.

It is strongly recommended that you read my long introduction page before you move on to the Summary of Cases page. The long introduction page will give you a more detailed view of where I am coming from with regards to what I have learned and why it was necessary to apply the knowledge in the courtrooms.