The Unjust Justice System

Mission Statement

This can be replicated everywhere and I encourage the young noble hearted to do so…

Stages 2 to 4 depend on funding as I simply cannot function without it. Up until now, it has been a “one man” project, but now I need support. I’m adding true value to society — going to bat for everyone’s best interests in regards to keeping our liberties intact. I will get out there and fight for you, I will get in the faces of MPs and push for the protections of our Natural Rights and to reestablish our Common Law heritage. And I’ll report back with “exactly” what these individuals tell me to determine what side of the fence they are on.

Stage 1

To bring about awareness and expose how clearly flawed our justice system is.

To educate people about their inherent Common Law Rights. These rights originate from the law that is our foundation. They are God-given rights that cannot be sold or transferred without our consent.

Raise the funds to cover my losses.

Encourage others to replicate what I have done in other Common Law countries.

Stage 2

If I exceed the fund amount and have a support base, I will get active once again, this time for positive change. The following are things that would need to be discussed and addressed:

Advocate for a Common Law justice system or for our courts to recognize the Common Law. Some of the changes that need to occur:

  • Scrap Bill-51 and do the opposite: take the Charter to a new level by having it recognize those Natural Rights that we have become so ignorant of.
  • Push for mandatory education of our Common Law / Natural Law and the basic court process. See these two documents if you haven’t already: 1) Maxims of Common Law, and 2) The Search for Natural Law. These were part of a law course created by a successful lawyer in the USA.
  • Reduce/eliminate fines/bylaws imposed on the Free People that infringe on our Natural Rights. This will eventually reduce the courts by potentially 50% in size and free up resources. In other words, stop herding the people into the extortion racket that is our court system today. Those people (who work the courts) need to move into new economic sectors of growth that need to evolve or expand (such as: free energy technology industries and the education system) — industries that will move the human race positively into the future.
  • Reduce Driver’s License to young drivers until they prove their driving abilities and terminate licensing fees and laws conflicting with the Natural Right to own a vehicle and use the roads freely.
  • Take the best of the crop of judges and have Common Law courts in each province. These judges must become well versed in the Maxims of Common Law that all Common Law countries were founded upon.

Advocate for servant/citizen interaction recording being mandatory to eliminate in-court he-said she-said scenarios while maintaining privacy. Every officer that interacts with The People must record the communication. This is in essence taking the Charter/Bill of Rights to new levels and bringing in laws that protect The People from abusive and oppressive measures that many Statutory Acts deceptively impose upon us. In other words, we should pass Acts of law that protect us from Civil Servants and that hold them fully accountable. This is completely doable — Stop the abusive and oppressive corruption NOW! So, certain criteria must be met:

  • Officers have to encourage the individual they communicate with to record the interaction as well for their own protection.
  • The officer’s recording must be part of the disclosure for any alleged charges and if it isn’t, charges must be dropped.
  • If the officer makes no recording available after charges have been made, the officer’s integrity is questioned with each occurrence.
  • If the officer’s integrity becomes seriously questionable with reoccurring instances, that officer must face disciplinary action and potential dismissal of his duties. They should be under the microscope and if they continue to mess up, remove them — permanently!
  • Have fully educated judges conducting hearings and doing their duty diligently (along the lines of the “Judging the Judge” criteria I presented on my Summary of Cases page). If the amount of good judges made available doesn’t meet the demand of cases available, eliminate all the lower offenses. Reducing the amount of laws we have will balance this.
  • If judges and/or prosecutors do not conduct their duties accordingly, an accountability system needs to come down hard on them. Incompetence and/or corruption cannot be allowed to continue and/or be rewarded — this is ultimately in the best interests of The People. Come down hard on them once and if they mess up again, remove them — permanently!

Stage 3

Help others with court battles who use the arguments I have brought forward in defense of their Common Law right to use the roads. If Stage 2 moves forward, this won’t be needed. In the meantime, I encourage others to take the arguments I have made available — for free — and go into the courts in your area and take a stand. Modify them to your location (with case law) and liking and then document what happens and share the results with others.

Launch potential law suits against government agencies/ Civil Servants. Not sure about this just yet, but a clear path and a support system would need to be in place. It may not even be a good idea to go this route at all, but it all depends on how things move forward.

Stage 4



Whatever future scenario unfolds and takes hold, one thing is certain: it’s in our hands now to make it what we want.

For a motivating starter, I’ll quote the last great president of America (my belief) at his Inaugural Address — John F. Kennedy stated the following at its conclusion:

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you,
ask what you can do for your country.”

He then continued by addressing his international audience:

“My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you,
but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”