The Unjust Justice System

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I created this site for the purpose of bringing awareness to something that is crucially important to each and every one of us. It is something that has long been fought for and the people who fought for it should be honored every day. It is something that is in grave jeopardy of being lost — possibly forever — with the evolution of technology. It’s our liberty – our very freedoms — and the Law that has long been established to protect and preserve it. If this law is not learned, understood and expressed by each and every one of us as common knowledge, the battle for freedom will never be won. And to just put your mind at ease as far as learning the law, it’s not what you think… it’s not about reading and understanding the thousands of Acts of Laws that were passed by a bunch of corrupt politicians. It’s about the principles of law that make up the Common Law which is our heritage. It’s also the case law that supports the Common Law principle arguments that have long been established and that are eternal because they represent the roots of our freedoms. Although there is more to it than this, the following picture illustrates what I’m talking about…

Our laws are the foundation of our freedoms - common law


Unfortunately, our education system, as well as the mainstream media, don’t educate the public about the roots of our freedoms and how crucially important it is that they are protected at home and not just abroad. Historically, in all tyrannical countries of the past and present, it is the hidden elements of treason within the governing bodies of those countries that eventually lead the government of that country, as well as the people of that country, down the path of tyranny and destruction. Who stands up to fight it? First and foremost it should be The People (if they are educated) rising up against their government to keep the politicians in check. If they can’t or will not, then other countries will eventually have to get involved in an all out war. Now consider this: If the USA, Canada, Australia and the countries of Western Europe are all taken over by corporate tyrants that are always attempting to control our lives and take away our liberties, then what other powerful, true Common Law countries will be left to fight them on our behalf? Would we not now have a one world government? What will the vision of this government be? An often-cited quote by Lord Acton would be well remembered here, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Through many centuries, the founding fathers of great free nations have instilled one true path of law that never can part ways with what liberty actually is and what it stands for. It is our very foundation for Freedom. At this point it is necessary to bring your attention to another great quote from an historic individual whom we should all look up to… “Honest Abe” (Abraham) Lincoln said it best when he said, “In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free — honorable alike in what we give, and what we preserve. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.”

Divide and Conquer

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the phrase “divide and conquer”? We (the Americans and Canadians together — I mean ALL together as individuals) are divided. There is absolutely no doubt about it — the proof is the fact that Fox News continues to be on the air because people believe the B.S. that comes out of that network. The Gettysburg Address speaks to the many lives lost for a “noble” cause. Let me quote “Honest Abe” once again: “…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” So here is the great divide (and I will para-phrase here): we currently live in times where it is “government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations”. Are we on the verge of a great civil war because so many people are so out of touch with our heritage? The Declaration of Independence speaks of our unalienable rights (those rights that cannot be sold or transferred without our consent) and any form of government that seeks to put an end to these rights — that We The People have the right to abolish that government. The law is the law and it has been the same for centuries. It is the Common Law that protects and preserves these unalienable rights.

[Whether I am quoting American history as an individual born in Canada makes NO difference! Any Common Law country that exists today exists because it has adopted a set of rules (the rule of law) that makes it a Common Law country. I’m pretty sure the same concept of freedom/ philosophy/ principles applied to any intelligent individual throughout history who stood up for the concept of “freedom for all”.]

Any laws made by man — most specifically in the last 100 years or so — and from this moment moving forward, have no force and effect if they move away from this foundation. The foundation for all of our laws are the long established principles (also known as self-evident truths) that recognize the supremacy of God (nature or natural law, where we have God-given natural rights) and the rule of law – the Common Law — that is to be followed by everyone. It is common because it is common to all of us and derives from common sense — or at least it should be, if we are all educated about it rather than being kept ignorant of it. This concept would make us a People of principles and responsible individuals. In other words, we should all know this as it would lead the human race in a more desirable direction.

The Right To Bear Arms

I have challenged some statutory laws being enforced upon me by what I perceive to be an oppressive government that is growing in it its ability to flex its muscle. This is exactly what the founding fathers and law professors of centuries ago (and even key individuals dealing with the aftermath of the fairly recent tragedies of WWII) wanted us to avoid. The main reason that the “right to bear arms” is in the American Bill of Rights, is to protect the Americans from the possible tyranny of their own government.

And make no mistake, the government is heavily backed and run by the corporate elite. The Corporation and Inside Job are two must watch films [there are actually many more to chose from] that will give you a full scope of the type of people that are attempting to run our lives. I don’t want to get into all the story lines as to why we, as a society, have come to where we are today – that would just take too long. But that isn’t to say you shouldn’t do your own due diligence and educate yourself with some alternative information resources (that “corporate” mainstream TV should be airing daily and are not). What I do want to share with you is the law and my experiences in the courtrooms as a self-represented litigant bringing that law to the attention of the presiding judges and justices of the peace – my observances of the performance of our public servants in conducting their duties, and most specifically, their ability (or inability) to conduct a proper hearing.

To be blatant in describing these experiences – it has been a brutal display of unprofessionalism and we are in deep trouble if we don’t get this turned around. That being said, those same judges get huge failing grades as they appear to be either completely incompetent or completely corrupt.

Spilt Blood

Our founding fathers have given us something that we, as a society, are taking very much for granted. It’s the sole reason why there has been so much spilt blood – to have a system of justice that serves not one man, but indeed serves all men …equally (and it sure wasn’t established to serve “corporate interests”). To put this into perspective, consider the phrase: “The pen is mightier than the sword”. Which would YOU rather use to defend your liberties? When they come knocking on your door on a regular basis to confiscate your income, your property – escalating into taking your family or friends – even your life (in other words, living everyday in fear as if you were living in East Berlin during WWII [you need to picture this — I can’t emphasize it enough as it is a growing reality in North America]), what will you do about it? The time to avoid this worst case scenario is now!

This path was taken in search of the truth – the search of the truth that is the Law. There is only One Law and it is the law that was established over hundreds of years – long before any of us were born. We have our freedoms/liberties today because so much blood was spilt in the quest to forge those liberties with this One Law.

Maxims of Law

This Law was established with hundreds of principle sayings (known as Maxims that were originally written in Latin) that make up our Common Law – that which is our heritage and cannot be denied to us. To deny us of our heritage is to deny us freedom and justice. And this action against us must be construed as an act of treason against us and those who died in defense of our freedoms. If we don’t get this right at this most critical time in human history where technology is advancing at a ridiculous pace, The People will be enslaved by Evil (yes, I said it, Evil). In the HBO John Adams mini-series, Mr. Adams mentions “maxims” in a hard hitting speech – watch the 90 second speech by clicking here.

And to be very clear as to the definition of MAXIM, The Dictionary of Canadian Law, third edition defines it as: A general principle; an axiom. And the same dictionary defines AXIOM as: A truth which is indisputable. Maxims are often referred to as legal maxims or Maxims of Law. In Meads vs Meads, Justice J. D. Rooke declares legal maxims to be “irrelevant”. This is a perfect example of how our justice system has been poisoned with new established case law by an incompetent (or corrupt) judge. This is disgracefully treasonous if you ask me.

Statutory laws now number in the thousands (possibly tens of thousands) with many of them being legislated into power under the cloak of public safety. Some are even done in secrecy or at the very least under our noses with little to no attention from the mainstream media. Why? Or should I ask, how? Because the Corporate Elite control the media! Money controls the world and “money is the root of all evil” (but I should add to that by saying it is the system which has led to the majority of the worlds wealth being in the hands of the few… call it capitalism, which led to corporatism, and is leading us to globalism). The only thing that can protect us from the evils of tyrannical governments is a justice system of Common Law.

“I see in the near future a crisis approaching. It unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. The money powers preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the financial institutions at the rear, the latter is my greatest foe. Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed.”
~ Abraham Lincoln, letter to William Elkins, Nov 21, 1864
(just after the passage of the debt causing National Bank Act [June 3, 1864], right before assassination) ~

How very prophetic, don’t ya think?

Where Liberty Derived From

One Maxim of Common Law states:

“All men are free men or slaves.”
Omnes Homines Aut Liberi Sunt Aut Servi

That is a clear and indisputable truth in law. YOU are either free or YOU are a slave – there is NO in between here!

Another long settled principle of Common Law states:

“Statutes that derogate from the Common Law should be strictly construed.”
Quae communi legi derogant stricte interpretantur

When you understand the definition of “derogate”, which means, “detract from”, then this becomes a pretty clear statement that has long been settled by our forefathers. So let me put that maxim into words we can all relate to: “Statutes that move away from the Common Law should be explained and made clear very carefully.” I have asked a number of people recently, “What is the common law and/or what are maxims?” People just don’t have the answer(s), they don’t know. What does this tell you?

Our most historic documents that state claim to our liberties such as the Canadian Bill of Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada (similarly in countries alike), say something like “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law…” This means there “is” a foundation (of principles) for all other laws with the end thought being that our liberties are first and foremost protected above all things. Hence the following principles:

“Liberty is more favored over all things.”
Libertas omnibus rebus favorabilior est


“Whenever there is an interpretation doubtful as to liberty (or slavery), the decision must be in the favor of liberty.”
Quotiens dubia interpretatio libertatis est, secundum libertatem respondendum erit.

You see? These principles clearly dictate to the court that court decisions must be made in favor of liberty if the accused/defendant makes a strong argument where a natural right/unalienable right is being infringed upon.

Guess what? There are many Maxims of Law that relate to these ones and these are in-your-face-straight-forward principles of law that anyone could/should understand. Apparently, a number of justices of the peace and judges at all levels in our court system simply didn’t get the memo.

Let me share with you a taste (this is an example) of how I formed some of my arguments (in my cases) in this paragraph, but I will relate it to the above topic of maxims, because it is important to educate you in knowing that, “A maxim is so called because its dignity is chiefest and its authority is the most certain, and because it is most approved by all (Maxime ita dicta quia maxima est ejus dignitas et certissima auctoritas, atque quod maxime omnibus probetur) [chiefest means superior]. Remember, maxims are principles and these long established principles have guided us for over a millennium because Principles prove, they are not proved” (Principia probant, non probantur). You see, “Plain truths need not be proved” (Perspicua vera non sunt probanda)! Now you know, it has long been established that “There is no disputing against one who denies first principles” (Non est disputandum contra principia negantem) and while I have ventured into the courts to seek the truth, this has been the exact scenario that has played out — I’m disputing the law with people who don’t recognize the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law. This is clear evidence that the justice system in Canada is a complete farce and a failure to The People, to say the least.

How about even just giving me an explanation as to how an argument such as the above does not work in our courts today? (My arguments are being dodged! That’s how they handle people who try to make a stand for freedom today.)

The Act of law (statute) that forces me to sign a contract (for car insurance) violates numerous principles of law (as you will see in that argument). To put it simply, I am being forced to sign a contract or have my natural right to use the road taken away. This is an infringement upon my natural right (liberty) to use the road — and yes, it is a natural right, as you will see in another argument that dictates the law. And don’t get me wrong here, I don’t have a problem with acquiring insurance, but I refuse to pay excessive rates — to a government forged monopoly — while I have a 30 year accident free record.

With this perception (in all my cases) and armed with more than three dozen Maxims of Common Law and plenty of case law spanning 100 years, I have ventured down the path of truth. The truth not only of the law that I have provided before judges who “claim” to recognize the Charter and the Common Law (my original quest), but also in search of the truth of whether or not our courts are just or unjust courts by following through with the Law that has long been established and their duty to perform diligently as neutral parties weighing the strongest arguments brought forward by the opposing parties — then making the “honorable” decision that is “just”. If there is no justice in our courts, then this is not a free country. The natural right to use the public roads is a most basic right and it is a “natural right” that has been established in case law (as you will see). Natural Rights are common rights, they are Common Law Rights and as long as you use the roads responsibly (not bringing harm to your fellow man) — then there is nothing that anyone can “lawfully” do to stop you. [Some may not agree with this and in this case I declare ignorance of the law on their part. This is the law that is supreme.]

The end result is quite shameful in regards to the way the courts responded to my natural right to challenge statutory laws in the first place. The system of justice in Ontario is nothing short of a joke as you will learn from the claims I make on this website. The transcripts and any other documentation I am able to provide represent the evidence in support of my claims. Maybe I shouldn’t say it’s a total failure because sometimes it works. But if it fails us on numerous occasions, then it’s still a failure.

My suggested solution to this failed justice system is a number of Common Law courts being re-established across Canada where “non-appointed” judges (they are voted in by an educated public body) are truly neutral judges who are well-versed in the Maxims of Common Law. And, unlike today where we have appointed judges who cannot be held accountable for their incompetent and/or corrupt behavior, there would have to be accountability built into the system in order to uphold the integrity of the courts.

Just so that The People know what is at stake; the basic court process and the Common Law should be “mandatory education” in this country (and every other country for that matter). How can The People protect and preserve their liberties if they know nothing of the roots of those liberties and the basics of the court process that is available to them? If everything I have just spoken about in this paragraph (and especially the last bit about education) was in place since WWII ended, it is my belief that we would have a completely prosperous country with much more equality and fewer of the greedy and controlling Corporate Elite. Knowledge is power and the knowledge of the roots of our freedoms and the basics on how to use the court system (that is supposed to be there to serve and protect us) is the power that has been given to us by our forefathers.

People, it is imperative that you educate yourself about the roots of your freedoms with information that I have submitted before the courts and to have a closer look at how our so called “learned” judges and justices of the peace are handling these very important and compelling arguments of law that have been the law for us all for centuries.

In other words, you are going to see how only 2-3 generations of judges, prosecutors, politicians, and lawyers are essentially destroying what dozens of generations of the same before them have built over many centuries.

Please read these PDF files to educate yourself about the Maxims of Common Law and Natural Law. These documents were written by a successful lawyer in the United States who sells a law course called Jurisdictionary. These 2 documents are from that law course.

Then follow this link to see a summary of all my cases and the details of what took place in the courtrooms of the Province of Ontario.


Also, I would like to note that I was not very successful in defending myself in the courtroom. As a matter of fact, I heartedly admit that I did a terrible job in face to face hearings. (I hope the “young noble hearted people” who take this information do a much better job than I did). The reason for the poor execution I made of defending myself had to do with my own incompetence at times, but also because I lost faith in the justice system very quickly. It really seems like a rigged game in the favour of the courts. A couple of reasons worth mentioning in that regard:

  1. The Peel Regional courts have some pretty awful judges and justices of the peace (as you will see) and I felt intimidated at times with their “tone”. If I knew I was guaranteed to have a neutral judge who was diligent and acted in a professional manner, I would have felt more at ease moving forward.
  2. The prosecutors are out to get convictions any way they can — that’s their job “right or wrong” and it just doesn’t seem to matter to them how they get it done.

The court/justice system is all about being fair. Since I’m defending myself, the court should be showing me a measure of mercy with my lack of experience. As for the incompetence of the judges and prosecutors, there’s no excuse for them, they do this every day.

Also, consider this, if you “challenge” the “alleged” charge(s) [“violations” (or crimes?)] like I did, be prepared to be labelled a “paper terrorist” [free-man-on-the-land — which I am not (no offense to them)]. Anyone who stands up for his freedoms and uses this information will more than likely get the word “terrorist” attached to his/her name. Oh Canada?!?… I’m simply trying to stand on guard for thee.